Art Like Salt - Taepyung Salt Farm Art Project
To Eternity (2020)
2-Channel video, mixed media on window and wood frame, 5m X 5m
SET Woolwich
Dear Audience; I would die rather than save me
2020, Polystyrene carving
150cm x 50cm x 40cm

Skaftfell Art Center Artist residency 2020
Hovering/Dear Audience
Hovering, 2020, two projectors, two speakers, amplifier, speaker lines, chains, hooks, glass objects(cup, Coca-Cola bottle, wine glass, jar, bowl), Iphone, laptop, Acrylic box, extensions, wi-fi, plinth, variable installation

Dear Audience, 2020, Clay sculpture painted with silver acrylic, 15.5cm(H)x6cm(W)x7cm(D)

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2020, mixed media with fabric and wood frame, variable installation.